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Haras Sao Jose da Serra :: Racing in Brazil - The Brazilian Group 1 Races!

Haras Sao Jose da Serra

By Karol Loureiro

One of the most successful thoroughbred horse farms in Brazil is HARAS SAO JOSE DA SERRA. Located only 40km away from Curitiba, the capital city of the state Paraná, São Jose da Serra had bred many champions in the last 30 years, with no more than 30 broodmares.

São Jose da Serra was the first Brazilian farm to ever breed a Grade 1 winner in the Northern Hemisphere: the Champion SANDPIT (Baynoun—Sand Dancer, by Green Dancer). SANDPIT won 9 grade 1 races, 5 of them in the United States.

Along with SANDPIT, the Best were: TIME FOR FUN (GP Cruzeiro do Sul – Rio de Janeiro’s Derby – Grade 1); STRAIGHT FLUSH (GP São Paulo and GP Brasil – both GR.1); OUT OF MIND (G2-USA), SWEET ETERNITY (GP São Paulo – Gr1), TALE E QUALE (G1), DAILY MOON (G1), REMILY (G2), SELECTA (Gr2), GRAPA DI MOSCATO (GR3), DAVIGNON (G3), ESTRELA DO ORIENTE (G1), STARMAN (G1), and the 2008 GP Brasil winner, TOP HAT.

Currently, there are 12 workers at the farm: the veterinarian Joaquim Antunes is the main manager; Carlos Menegolo manages the horses and Marcos Padilha manages the field.

Created 30 years ago, Sao Jose da Serra’s great success at the racetrack reflects the love and dedication of each member of the farm’s staff. At the moment, the broodmare band counts with 26 high quality producers, and they use the service of several local stallions, but have participating shares in four: BALIGH (IRE-87, by Sadler`s Wells—Santa’s Sister, by Middle Brother); PARME (USA-91, by Blushing Groom—Petroleuse, by Habitat); the home-bred SUSPICIOUS MIND (BRZ-90 by Effervescing—Sweet Honey, by Egoismo) and GIANT GENTLEMAN (USA-98, by Montbrook—Exploriano, by Fappiano).

This season, the farm is using the services of the Brazilian stallion REDATTORE (BRZ-95 by Roi Normand—Political Intrigue, by Deputy Minister), the Grade 1 winner and millionaire who made a very successful career in the United States and has an impressive record of exceptional horses from his first crop.

The mares, foals and weanlings are all kept and raised outside, day and night, in groups, spread around the almost 400 acres of the one of the best horse-lands in Brazil.
The care is very detailed-oriented: Twice a day, some groups of horses are taken to the barn: the newborn foals, along with their mothers, in order to be fed a special diet. During the breeding season (August till December in the Southern Hemisphere), all of the mares are examined by the vet in order to determine when they will be bred. The foaling season is also from August-December, thus the activities at the farm are really intensified. In both cases, the horses, while in the barn, receive personal care and get used to the presence of people around.

Even having stallions serving in the farm, some of the mares are bred to stallions serving in other farms. For instance, during this season, the mare TAVIRA (Top Hat’s dam) traveled to the state of Sao Paulo in order to be bred. The foals from the mares that are to be taken outside the farm to be bred are, then, given to milk-mothers . This procedure is done in order to prevent stress.

The farm’s crops run, mainly, in Rio de Janeiro’s Hipodromo da Gavea track (80% go to Rio and 20% to Sao Paulo). The yearlings from the 2005 crop were sold privately and the results, so far, are outstanding: all stakes winners or stakes-placed: ESTRELA DO ORIENTE (c, 05, by Redattore—Academia Real, by Banker’s Gold), grade 1 winner and recently exported to Europe; DAVIGNON (c, 05 by Redattore—Darcy, by O Maior), Gr.3 winner and among the best of his crop; ESTRELA ANKI (f, 05 by Thignon Lafre—Marne La Coquette, by Effervescing); TAUANE (f, 05 by Dancer Man—Op Cologne, by New Colony); SO FAR SO WELL (f, 05 by Dancer Man—Sweet Rambler, by Blush Rambler); NEW OLYMPIC (c, 05 by Dancer Man—New Investment, by Burooj) and SUGIRO (c, 05 by Suspicious Mind—Opus Quatro, by Sestero).

“ The experience (to sell privately) was very good, however, we will go back to selling the yearlings at auctions”, says Joaquim Antunes. For the 2008 crop, the farm counts with 21 foals.

The broodmare SWEET HONEY deserves a paragraph in this article, because she became, after all, the farm’s base bloodline. In addition to being herself a Grade 1 winner, she is the dam of 3 Grade 1 winners (SUSPICIOUS MIND, SIRENA and SWEET ETERNITY) and granddam of another Gr1 winner, STARMAN. She’s currently 25 years old, retired and kept at the farm to rejoice a very well-deserve rest, after being responsible for so many happy moments for its owner and farm’s staff.


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